Some Islands
A journal of linguistics and art

Number 2        •     REPRESENTATION

ISSN 2653-5602

Published in 2023 by Some Islands, West Cronx, South Australia 5008, Australia


Joshua Nash


4FE - 4th Floor Elevator
Eric Bagnara and Dexter Campos

© Copyright remains with the authors

Front image: Looking toward Thevenard, Denial Bay, South Australia, image Some Islands, 2023

Some Islands Collective is based in South Australia and acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands on which the work of all Some Islands’ authors and artists takes place.

Some People

All images by individual authors unless stated

Adrian Young — images from archives of University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, 2007

Aleš Rajch — music copyright Aleš, co-performers Alex Tsiboulski and Asher Reynolds; date and place as listed in links; images Adelaide, South Australia, 1993 and 2003

Brett Cranswick

Cameron Hapgood — design renders 2023

Fiona Sprott — images Adelaide (Kaurna) and Quorn (Nukunu), South Australia, 2023

Godfrey Baldacchino— drawing Marsaskala, Malta, 2023

Helen Bromhead — images Brisbane, Queensland, 2023

Jai Pamnany — images Adelaide, South Australia, 2023

James Smith — images St Kilda, South Australia, 2023

Jennifer — images Canadian Arctic, Canada, 2010-2018

Jonathon Larsen — paintings Daylesford, Victoria, 2023

Ken Bolton — images, Bruny Island, Tasmania, 2020

Martin Gibbs — images copyright Gibbs and Some Islands, Pitcairn Island, 1998 and 2016

Melinda Gaughwin — images Redfern and Chippendale, Sydney, 2022.

Míša Hejná — images Cardiff, Wales, 2022; České Budějovice, Czech Republic, 2016, Philip Island, Victoria, 2016; Cardiff, Wales, 2016; Petřín, Prague, 2022; Aberystwyth, Wales, 2022; Lány, Czech Republic, 2016

Nicholas Jose — images copyright Some Islands, Innes National Park, South Australia, 2020

Ole Wich — images Faroe Islands, 2023

Olive Nash contact the editor — images Wingfield and surrounds, South Australia, 2023

Oliver Rozsnay — images  Bush Stone-Curlews and Masked Lapwing, Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria, 2018; Rock Nuthatch, Sikamineas, Lesbos, Greece, 2016; Daphne, Scotts Creek Conservation Park, South Australia, 2018; Bird's Nest, Poltalloch, South Australia

Peter Bakker — images Aarhus, Denmark, 2023

Prudence Hemming — images Adelaide, South Australia, 2023

Rebecca Taylor — images Adelaide, South Australia, 2023

Rebekah Baglini

Richard Harry — paintings Adelaide and Wollongong, 2016-2022

Thomas Reuter — images Bali and Indonesia, various years

Some Islands 3  •  2024  •  Call for articles


The Some Islands project continues. Some Islands 3 is already in the thinking pipeline. Theory can be described as a system of ideas arranged to explain something, particularly that based on general principles independent of the thing or matter being characterised and clarified. Authors are invited to submit 5,000-6,000-word articles with generous audio-visuals on the theme of theory, that tricky explanatory possibility, and those complex abstractions we love here at Some Islands. All disciplines welcome. More details to follow. Soft deadline: 30 June 2024.