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Fiona Sprott is an artist, research academic and ongoing key collaborator on the Some Islands team.

She holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Flinders University), and Master of Creative Arts (UTS) earned through ten years of dedicated research into the cultural representations of heterosexual female fear and desire, with specific reference to traversing urban environs fraught with the constant risk of predatory crimes against women and girls. More recently she has focused upon the phenomenology of bodily anxiety, and the ways in which the paranormal is seeping into popular, mainstream culture as sites of hauntings, ghosts that communicate with us, and monsters that lurk in the shadows of our lives-minds (manifestations of trauma). In the past decade, Fiona has been passionately engaged in horticulture and ecology, and our human relationship/s to the land we walk upon, share with other life forms, and rely upon for our survival. Through photography she explores the intimate relationship with “other lifeforms” and
asks “what is the nature of this love affair?” Her conclusion is that we are all, in some way, bound up in a relationship of reciprocity with other lifeforms and this relationship does foster an emotionally rewarding experience which relies more upon a silence, the act of listening, rather than the acts of speaking and telling.

Some Islands provides a space for her to write into the figurative islands, the island-like experience which are primarily psychological and phenomenological in nature.