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Jason Sweeney (he/him) is a composer, musician, performer and filmmaker based on Kaurna Yarta / Adelaide.

He is a long-time designer, consultant and research assistant on the Some Islands team.

Since 2003 he has collaborated with leading performing arts companies and organisations (State Theatre Company SA, Restless Dance Theatre, Patch Theatre, Chunky Move, Force Majeure, Closer Productions, Performance Space, Arts House, pvi collective, Theatre Republic) and international companies and centres (Pacitti Company, SPILL Festival, SOIT, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, NADINE/Plateau). As a composer of electronic music, he has also been releasing music internationally with two bands, Panoptique Electrical and Pretty Boy Crossover via the record labels, Sensory Projects (Australia) and Sound in Silence (Europe).

Over the last decade Jason has a trilogy of sound-based works focused on quietness, including major projects Stereopublic: Crowdsourcing the Quiet which won a TED Prize (City2.0, 2013), Silent Type (2014) and the 2016 research odyssey, Quiet Ecology. His recent collaborative sound works with Em König include Sentients (2018), Masc (2019) and Emission (2021).

He currently releases music internationally under the names Panoptique Electrical and Sweeney.

In 2021 he released 'Decades (2001-2021)', a 20 year survey of original scores and soundtracks. In 2022 he was commissioned to make new scores for ANTIGONE (State Theatre Company SA), Astrid Pill’s ‘I Hide In Bathrooms’, Patch Theatre/Restless Dance Theatre’s ‘HOME’ as well as writing and producing the album of songs ‘Stay for the Sorrow’ on Greek record label Sound in Silence. In 2023 he released and performed a new composition work titled ‘Corporeal’ at Vitalstatistix. In 2024 he released the new experimental electronic song cycle called ‘Ageism’ in collaboration with Montreal-based Jarrod Takle. Also in 2024 he is composing for Rebecca Meston's 'Hits', Theatre Republic's 'The Almighty Sometimes', Cirkidz 'Stacks On' and is the co-curator of Adhocracy at Vitalstatistix.

Find his music here: